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Steel Security Doors

We can supply and install a full range of high performance bespoke Steel Security Doors complete with outer steel frame work.

Our range starts with an Entry Level Steel Door to cover your basic security requirements and progresses to a High Grade Ballistic Rated Steel Door for high risk and maximum security requirements.

We have an extensive selection of locking options to suit any application or security requirement. Our security doors also include a stainless steel hinge pin unit to eliminate the door opening from the hinge side in the event of an attack. The opposite locking side has a fully welded continuous overlap section to protect the locks from forced entry.

The range of steel security doors are available to suit the following applications:

  • Personnel Doors
  • High Security Cash Office Doors
  • Strong Room Doors
  • Fire Exit Doors
  • Substation Ventilated Doors
  • Computer Server Room Doors

We can provide laminated glazed vision panels within the door from BR1 to BR7 ratings, or as a top or side panel feature complete with matching specifications. Our security doors can be manufactured to meet with any required security level up to LPS 1175.

Each door includes heavy duty stainless steel load bearing hinges and hinge bolt pins that secure into the steel outer frame when the door is in its closed position.

We can manufacture our Personnel Security Doors to facilitate the fitting of mortice electric release and magnetic release locking mechanisms to meet with existing door automation within a building.

Our Fire Exit Security Doors have an unlimited selection of locking mechanisms which include high security panic hardware complete with multipoint configurations with optional external entry key locking, biometric access and fob reader access.

All our security doors are available in a full RAL Colour Range that will meet with any requirement.

Security Steel Walling

Secure Steel Walling can be manufactured to a bespoke design and cater for any level of security to suit your application.

Our steel walling can provide extra resistance to both manual and ballistic attack and include Ballistic rated glazed panels in both clear and opaque designs.

Steel Walling sections can be added to internal masonry wall structures and ceilings to create a secure room for cash offices and panic room applications.

The steel wall sections can also combine within a central area of a larger room to form a new room complete with security access door and ballistic rated lighting panels if required.