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Glazed Security Screens

Glazed security screens can be supplied to withstand various levels of attack incorporating numerous designs and layouts to cater directly for each project requirement.

Our product range commences with standard anti-bandit glazing to provide protection to reception counters and areas with insignificant levels of interaction with cash or public abuse. The density of the glazing will increase in thickness to meet with the threat level within the area to be protected.

Our security glazing is fully certified to meet with BS EN1063 2000 test and classification for ballistic security glazing in buildings.

The glazing covers class threat levels including BR1, BR2, BR3, BR4, BR5, BR6, BR7 SG1 and SG2 with weapons including: Rifle, Hand Gun, And Shot Gun.

Our glazing range also includes fire rated glass which complies with up to 60minutes integrity and insulation fire performances.

Security glazed screens are designed to provide a secure location for staff to carry out business safely on a daily basis with the public in such sectors as follows: Public Service Counters, Cash Transaction Counters, Motor Taxation Offices, Garda Stations, GP Surgery’s, Train station Ticket Offices, Credit Unions, Building Societies, District Court Offices, Detention Centres, Supermarket Cash Offices, Pharmacy Outlets, Jewellery Stores and Concert Venue Ticket Offices.

Glazed security screens provide full protection for staff and allow for adequate speech transfer for customer transactions. We can also incorporate opaque sections of glazing within a security screen which provide extra privacy to the secure side of the counter, but still maintaining natural lighting to pass through the glass.

The security glazing is primarily mounted in a brushed stainless steel support structure, but we can also offer a steel structured support complete with selected RAL colour powder coated paint finish.

We can also provide intercom speech transfer units to aid with speech interaction between the staff and public side of the security screen. This unit is completely hands free for staff and includes an induction loop system for customers with hearing aids.