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Security Cash Drawers

Our Security Cash Drawers are designed to withstand any physical attack. Each drawer is fully steel constructed and can be manufactured to meet the requirements of any business. The drawers include a brushed stainless steel face plate and matching heavy duty stainless steel handle, and we can offer optional locking facilities on each unit.

We provide a removable insert with each drawer that can facilitate storage of notes and cheques. Each member of staff is assigned a cash box insert which can allow them to work at any transaction point at a cash counter. At the close of business each day, the insert can be easily removed and stored in an individual lockable compartment unit within the cash office or strong room. This system can also be used during business hours, allowing the member of staff to remove their cash box insert at scheduled change over times, which saves time on balancing cash before the next staff member can take over the position.

Our lockable secure individual storage units can be manufactured to various security levels to withstand any physical attack, if the unit is not located within the strong room.